We Are Stories – ethically and environmentally conscious fashion

Founded by Tracy Fillion, We are Stories is a textile based company-designed, cut, printed and sewn in her home studio near Nelson, BC Canada.

Using primarily eco and thoughtfully sourced materials, the goal of Tracy’s work is to provide consumers with ethically and environmentally conscious fashion alternatives, creating simple clothing with a clean aesthetic. 
Tracy produces small batch clothing lines throughout the year as well as one of a kind textiles using natural dyes in a sustainable and ethical fashion.  These eco printed and naturally plant dyed garments are one of a kind wearable art pieces created with thoughtful intention. Along with naturally dyed garments Tracy weaves fabric using fine threads of natural fibres then sews  the woven yardage into wearable garments,  redefining the term “slow clothes”!  Her intention and hope for the wearer to experience clothing and an appreciation for hand crafted garments in a different capacity.