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Some of my hand woven pieces.  The dresses and tops shown here have panels of my handwoven textiles with linen pieces. All weavings are with natural & fine threads such as cotton, linen, silk or fine wool.  Hand woven dress




This happened.  After weeks of crushing smoke we hiked up to a cabin in the mountains in the first rain in months, we woke to clear blue skies and mountain views, taking deep breathes of clean air for the first time in weeks.  I brought some new dresses and asked my gorgeous friends  to [...]




Last year I took up a weaving course at KSA- Nelson's local art school, and fell in love with it instantly. The first few pictures are from my school projects. The first picture is a crackle pattern where I used 8shafts &  10 treadles, one shuttle had a white silk hemp thread (plainweave) and I [...]


New batch of plant dyed silks!


Lately I've been spending a of time experimenting with dyeing silks with plant matter, food waste and minerals. It has been so rewarding and exciting!  For the images below I worked with avocado pits, onion skins, iron, rose leaves and different plant matter.  The results are incredible, gorgeous details provided 100 %by nature, I feel [...]

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Boreal dress


Boreal dress is now available. Made from super soft bamboo cotton jersey with the right amount of stretch making this dress is so flattering and comfortable. Available in forest green, navy blue and micro stripe grey. Made in my home studio. More info here.     

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Dutch Design week and 10 days around the Netherlands


I've recently returned from 10 amazing days in the Netherlands with my dear friend Cathy. Dutch Design week in Eindhoven is what brought us there. This was an incredible way to experience the Netherlands and their culture. We spent about 4 -5 full days at DDW,  visiting studios, galleries, exhibits, riding bikes, taking in great [...]

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I made a playlist.  I've been listening to a lot of dark historical fiction and crime podcasts so thought I'd lighten it up a bit and make a playlist with just female vocals.  Putting it together I realized how most of the bands I listen to have dudes on lead vocals,  so I quite enjoyed [...]

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