Last year I took up a weaving course at KSA- Nelson’s local art school, and fell in love with it instantly. The first few pictures are from my school projects. The first picture is a crackle pattern where I used 8shafts &  10 treadles, one shuttle had a white silk hemp thread (plainweave) and I alternated with a shuttle of three Tencel and one wool yarn in blue for the pattern. The results were this beautiful almost 3 dimensional texture. The next two- also done in the class I used hemp silk with Tencel for the colour, I experimented with inlay technic, I really enjoyed this, planning on doing more.  Recently I started weaving at home, the last few photos are from that warp (the lengthwise threads held under tension- this takes me forever to set up) I’m pretty excited about the first belt samples. I plan on incorporating these into the new line- I think they would look so good paired with the organic cotton Ella dress or the Ilsa pantsuit!